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Youths of Today

Youths are the young people between adolescence and maturity. They symbolise as sunrise that will bring our country to the spotlight in the next decades. They are the hope of our fatherland. This is what we believe! Yes this is true however, not all youths pledge to do it so. Here in the Philippines there are three classifications of youths: youths who are passive, youths who are active, and youths who are liabilities.

The passive youths are the youngsters who never dare to give a damn attention to what is happening in the community. They have seen something but they act as blind. These youths are neither compassionate nor sympathetic. They always play their game safely. If this youth witness you in trouble he does not care because he does not want to indulge himself to other’s problem. His tolerance towards his environment will trigger the second classification of youths --- the active youths. The active youths are the opposite of passive youths. Active youths are very observant and vigilant. They do not sit and just watch the news of corruption, killings, and mishaps of the government. They go out and shout for their right. They fight for what they believe is true and just. They do not want to be cheated and fooled by other people. They always keep their eyes widely open and never gone deaf and mute. You can find them on streets bringing placards. You can follow them on social networking sites criticising the misdeed of influential people. Above all you can read their blogs and campaigns on anti-corruption, no to human trafficking and any other issues that can ruin our nation. They risk their game. Then, here comes the youths who are liabilities. They give problems to their localities. They give headaches to the police officers. Likewise, you can catch them in crowded places snatching, hold dapping, etc. They also love to stay in dark areas to push and use drugs. They are viruses who should be kept so they will not go viral. They do not mind the country because they only mind their selves. They are indeed the country’s liability and they do not care about their game.

Indeed, they are the youths of today. They are youths and they are in their morning of existence. Hopefully, all youths can be the sunrise of our nation. Yet whatever classification you belong always remember you still have many years to become fully pledge nationalistic individual. It is possible to reckon that you are the hope of this land.

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