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What can I do here?

We provide short articles about English day by day. You can check those and send your questions about the article. However, we are not native speakers of English Language therefore, those articles are not perfect. On the other hand, we believe continuous conversation using the language is one of the million ways to improve our skill. So, we need your help to make them better because the team believes that asking questions or seeking errors of an article will make our English better.

The following are the tasks you can do in this site:


You can log in to the site from the button on top right of the page.

If you logged in, you can see your own name and two numbers. Blue one indicates the number of articles you read. Green one indicates the number of articles you saved.

You can count up those numbers via the buttons which are located at the bottom of each articles. And, did you notice there are two more numbers next to the buttons? These numbers represent the whole number of people who marked the article.

You have two options when you want to search the articles. First is through Google search engine. Second is our own function. Google search engine provides excellent flexibilities, for example, auto correcting spelling, guessing similarity, and meaningful sorting. However, there is a certain time lag to register new article to the search results hence, it takes several days or weeks which might hinder you from reading the very latest articles on time.

On the other hand, the search form we provide can list new articles without delays. However, you cannot search any words inside the article. It only works on the subjects and tags.

And also, you can easily shrink the list by clicking a tag.

Or, you can use alphabetical index for searching articles.

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