Learning English to be..

Practice Makes Perfect!

Due to the fast growing development of technology, the world in the 21st century is becoming one. People from Asia make friends with the people living in America, Europe, Australia, and Africa. This interconnectedness among races could be traced through social networking sites such, as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Yahoo Messenger. These sites are responsible for easier communication among men. But, how could these people understand one another if they have different spoken languages? How could this type of communication be successful? Could you understand each other if your friend is using Nippongo and you are speaking in Filipino? Could you answer your friend's questions if he is asking you in French and you only knew Spanish? Basically each of us masters our mother tongue but we have no any know-how of those other languages in other countries.

Now amidst this reality, we still manage to reach the peak of unity because English Language bridges us to be one. Truthfully, a lot of people want to learn English so they'll become globally competitive bec the world demands everyone to communicate in English. However, learning English is not easy. Perhaps, you have to pass through crooked paths before you can say that you are fluent in it.

In fact, I would not say that I speak perfect English. It would be very hypocrite of me if I'll claim that I am a perfect English speaker. Because the truth is I still have a lot of things to learn about English.

So, as inventors keep on upgrading the modern technology, linguists also keep on updating the English Language. But how could we learn it best?

Well, we only need to be persistent in knowing and practicing English. Just remember a constant correct practice makes you perfect. In short, practice makes perfect!:)


Practice Makes Perfect
by constantly practicing, you will become better
knowledge of how to do something smoothly and efficiently


being related or connected
Mother tongue
one's native language ex. For Japanese their mother tongue is Nippongo.
in or into the middle of
a high point in a course of development
not straight or curvy
a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs
continuing a course
continually occuring

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