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Organization of ideas in writing a process exposition

Writing a process exposition demands a colossal knowledge about the topic one wishes to write about. As a writer your primary goal is to teach the readers on how to do that something. So, you are advised to choose a topic which you have expertise at. When you already have chosen your topic you have to organise your ideas. How can you organise your ideas?

Organising ideas can be bagged in many ways. Generally, you can organise your ideas by means of clustering or mapping. It is similar to flowcharting. How one idea connects to the other and the likes. Or you can also arrange it through outlining. Outlining is a logical order of presenting ideas which lucently includes the thesis statement, main ideas, supporting details. When you organise it through outlining you can arrange ideas in these manners: First, you can arrange it from general ideas to specific ones or known as deductive way. The structure of your write-up is that of an inverted pyramid. As a writer, you begin with the generic and go very specific. Next is the opposite of deductive method which is inductive. In here, you present a specific idea about your topic and later make a conclusion from the small ideas presented. In addition, you can organise your ideas by prominence. Prominence means what is most important going to the very least important detail about the topic. Lastly, you can organise your ideas through time or its chronological order. For instance, you are going to create an informational process essay on how Filipino language became the official language in the Philippines. So basically you are going to start your essay on what happened first, second incident, and so on and so forth until you will arrive to the incident that Filipino was then officially proclaimed as the official lingua franca.

Now, your prerogative in choosing the way in organising your ideas depends on you. It depends on your comfort zone. Once you have chosen your way it will lead you to create the rough draft of your process essay and you are closer to publishing your exposition.

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