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A local's guide to the Tsukiji Fish market!

Get a chance to explore the jogai and jonai areas of Tsukiji fish market and be amazed with those gigantic tunas in auction. All that and more in this video with Chika and friends. Sugoi! That's a promise!!!


"There are two major parts to the Tsukiji Fish Market, the outer market, jogai, and the inner market, jonai. The outer market is what you see here crowded with people. You go on the weekend. It is crazy. This is where all these sushi restaurants czar and some ramen shops. Eating ramen for breakfast is as a big of a thing here as eating sushi or as seafood rice bowl."
"This where the actual works happen including the early morning fish auctions."
"So, this method of checking the quality of the meat by picking out the tuna and examining it with your hands is supposedly a Tsukiji thing."
"This is the young sardines."
"So, the inner market, jonai area is quite an intimidating place to be if you don't know anyone because the guys here aren't that outwardly friendly, uhhmm, even if though they are when you talk to them and you know people so, you don't wanna point your camera at everyone coz you might get trouble as I did earlier."
Noun. A very powerful person in a particular business or activity
Noun. A public sale at which things are sold to the people who offer to pay the most
pick out
Verb. To discern
Noun. A very small fish that is used for food and is usually packed in a can
Verb. To make someone afraid

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We are Chika's Japanagos Channel enthusiasts. Through her wonderful and informative videos we learn English language and the Japanese unique culture. Chika's silent strength and prowess in presenting interesting topics capture us to follow her channel in Youtube. We picked up three significant sentences and five unfamiliar words from the video for you to ponder. So, let's learn English and Japanese culture together!

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