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Hometown or City?

It is ‘ber’ months and long holidays are coming. Everybody is so much excited to enjoy the breezy fragrance of the breaks that these remaining months offer. Perhaps, students must really be blissful because semestral break kick offs for this holiday season. A lot of students are now listing the different places and activities that they will do and visit for the two-week vacation. Others might spend it in their hometowns while others might wander around the noisy and busy city. Life is filled with options but sometimes students tend to be confused in simple matters like this.

First, if you choose to go to your hometown you can freshen and loosen up. You can be with your dear family and share your experiences with them. You can visit your relatives from other ‘sitios’ or ‘barangays’ plus you will get a chance to join activities in your town and alumni homecomings or even reunions. The beauty of nature is within your grasp too. Every morning, the bright sunshine penetrates in the windowpane and wakes you up. Then, the dewy colourful flowers wave at you and direct your eyes to the vast and foggy grassland. In addition, you can do your usual routines when you were still staying full time in your house. You can hear the morning laughs, nags, and gossips from the neighbourhood. Then, you can also plan a picnic in your grandmother’s farm or at town’s public park. At the park you can also be with the other townspeople. These are some of the activities that you can do when you decided to spend your holiday in your native town.

Meanwhile, if you cherry-pick to wander around the noisy and busy city these are the possible things that you can do. You can go window shopping or shopping in the big malls such as Ayala and SM malls. You can also freshen and loosen up by going to theatres or movie houses. You can try the different promos of the leading salons here in Cebu. And go to incredible restaurants and eat out. It demands a price though. Moreover, you can visit different historical places such as The Fort San Pedro, Sugbu Museum, Basilica Minore del Santo Niῆo, etc. You can also roam around the oldest street in the Philippines which is the Colon Street and check out different stalls offering different services. If you are a reveller you can go to Mango Avenue and you can find different entertainment bars that will fit your taste. To wander around the metropolis is truly wonderful too.

Now, let us think of your expenses. When you choose to spend it in your hometown you will spend less because the province’ cost of living is much cheaper compared to the ones in the city. You will be basically spending more in your transportation which might be a quite long travel however, the beauty of real nature that you can seek in some outskirts could give you a wondrous escape. On the contrary, if you choose to stay in the city you will not be stressed with long travels but you will spend too much for your boarding house or apartment fee, your food and of course wandering around the heart of Cebu really costs an arm and a leg.

Well, both places are really great because it offer different flavours of adventures. You can select the one which you think suits on your likes and preferences. Nevertheless, wherever you go this semestral break and whatever ventures you will take you have to make the most out of it and enjoy your holiday for when November starts you will face another bunch of academic stress. So where is where? What is what? Hometown or city? You decide!!!

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