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Which is which? Lift or elevator?

Have you experienced being in a very shameful situation? I think you did. Yet, I won't ask you what it is. Just keep it for yourself and for your privacy.

However, let me share you this cock and bull story hence, I never thought this will happen in my life.

I was a college freshman when I decided to go to the mall for I needed to buy an English book. When I reached there, I directly went to the elevator for the bookstore is in the third floor. I was lucky when I found out that the elevator is in the ground floor. I was about to push the open button when a British woman came.

She gladly asked, "Will you use the lift?"

I froze for a moment and rolled my eyeballs. I heard her asked again.

"Will you use the lift?"

I asked her in return, "I beg your pardon?"

The British woman just smiled and pushed the open button. Then, the elevator opened and she got in. I took big steps to get in too. Then, she drew a smile on her face again and said.

"So you'll use the lift."

I just nodded and mummed the words. The next thing I observed was silence.


cock and bull
story which means an unbelievable tale or story
the words which means to keep quiet or to say nothing


Elevator is also known as lift. Elevator is used by Americans while lift is used by Englishmen.

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