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Supporters wanted

We are seeking the fellows who help to manage our projects.

Posts an article regularly. Any topics are welcome basically. You can use HTML to decorate the article. For now, we will accept the article via emails.
Pays for managing expenses. We expect 6000yen per a year from each sponsors.
Builds the code for this website. For example, planning a new feature, implementing it or testing it can be a tasks for the developer. This website is constructed by MySQL, PHP and JavaScript(jQuery). We use Git for versioning the source codes.

If you can afford to help us like the above, we provide you with a banner space(207x130,PNG) on the top page. We can also help to distribute the leaflets of your own business. Please feel free to contact us If you are interested in or you have any questions.




14-03-31 10:39, 14-04-21 12:20, Yosei

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