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Evaluation Criteria on a good character analysis

It has always been a dilemma for my students in higher years to make a good character analysis. Every time I assign them to make a character analysis they always ask these questions, “Ma’am, what is character analysis? When can we say that we have created a good character analysis?” I always find the first question very low level and yes, that is the sad fact that greater percentage of students in this generation does not use their critical thinking. Hence, the answer to the question what is character analysis is very vivid from the words itself they wanted me to clarify which is ‘character analysis’. They know the meaning of ‘character’ in the context of literature and the definition of analysis as well. Yet, as a teacher it is my responsibility to give them clarification and answer their questions.

Basically, one is analysing a character when he evaluates the characters’ traits, their role in the story, and the conflict(s) they experience (Education Portal.com). When you analyse a character you’re always studying the character intensely and deeply. Meanwhile, you’ll also know that you have an excellent character analysis in these following criteria: First, your analysis must identify the character, title, and author in the introduction. In writing a character analysis your introductory paragraph must consist of the ones aforementioned. Second, it includes a thesis statement that sums up the main idea. The thesis statement must give a general notion to the readers about your analysis. Third, it presents at least three main ideas about the character. Fourth, the main idea must be strengthened by supporting details as evidences. It can either be a dialogue of a character, a description, his action in the story or the decisions he makes. Lastly, it ends by restating the thesis statement. How you begin it is how you end it. It gives unison to your analysis.

So, students be guided with the following criteria so you’ll find analysing a character so easy and paramount of them all, is you’ll exercise your critical thinking to create a superb character analysis.

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