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A Shakesperian Sonnet

by: Jae-in

Tonight's the night I say my love is true;
Desired and hoped by heart that can't deny
Though tears I shed from hidden hopeless woe,
Possessed thy soul that broke an endless cry.
Because of sin I thought I can't undone,
Alone my heart had died, I could not cope
But you exclaimed and brought our hearts as one,
Perhaps demands to fight a path for hope.
I'm in disgrace yet never turned back;
Sweet love of yours had changed my hopeless state
And beat the pressure I can't even hack,
My heart rejoiced at unexpected fate,
And if our heartfelt union is a crime,
Our love shall live until the end of time.

poetry, 14-09-21 20:26, 14-09-21 20:27, Marz

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