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A desperate woman and a handsome guy

There was this girl who has not experienced being recognized by men. She tried to make ways and means for her to be recognized and perhaps loved eventually. One day in her most desperate moment, she put her bikini at the park. There a handsome guy noticed it. He saw her and asked her, "Is this your?" "Yes that is mine", the girl answered with an element of seduction. She further asked, "What do you want?" "Is there anything I can offer you?" The guy replied hurriedly, "Oh nothing! I just want to ask if you could give me this pink bikini." (pp. 7, Eng. 2 book)


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Hi Grace Ann! I don't think it's available online. I bought the book at National Book Store here in Philippines.
16-03-20 20:00,

I've been looking for this book.Where canI possibly buy this? Can we buy it online?
16-03-18 21:55, Grace Ann Matildo